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Women's Build 2005

Albany- This week ladies are doing the house work, but this is much more than just picking up around the house, they're building a home. In honor of Mother's Day, The Flint River Habitat for Humanity is hosting their third Women's Build.

Most of the framing and hammering being done on this Habitat home will have a woman's touch. Habitat is encouraging women that they too can get involved in construction and home repairs.

"We're all toting doors and putting up walls and nailing and pounding and if you don't know how to do it, somebody's going to teach you how to do it," said Sandy Hays, Project manager.

This is the third Women's build and the ladies will be hammering and framing all week.

"It's a good time for women to feel like they don't have to step back to the men, that they can get up and try something and you learn new skills every day," said Hays.

"The majority of our volunteers throughout the year are women," said Penny Armitage, Construction manager.

Both the project manager and construction manager on this home are women, showing women that they too can be empowered.

"Not all women live with husbands and not all women have somebody to fix something for them and this gives them another skill," said Hays.

Whether they're old or young, everyone can learn.

Laurie Parks, an 11th grader at Westover says she learned, "Watching my dad building on things and stuff."

The home is going to a very deserving woman who's waited a long time for somewhere to call home.

"About 10 years, I've been praying asking the Lord to give me a home because I wanted somewhere better for me and my kids," said Debra Hawkins, home owner.

Debra suffers from Lupus and helped construct a home earlier this year. As she watches the walls go up, she and the kids already have put in their requests.

"My living room and my kitchen is going to be green and blue and down the hallway is going to be, one of the rooms is going to be burgundy and my baby girl's room is going to be Sponge Bob," said Hawkins.

Crews hope to have the exterior finished this week but it will be several weeks before Debra and her family can move in, which is not soon enough for this family that's waited so long.

Habitat crews will be working on the home Monday through Friday and say any volunteers are welcome, especially women. They will provide lunch and will be working from eight until four every day.

For information to volunteer call Stacy Odom-Driggers at (229) 446-8199.

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