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Governor increases weight limits

We've all seen them, those big trucks carrying materials.

"When I get behind them, I'm scared to death because I see that shifting lumber," says driver Mike Donohue. That load will soon be increasing because of a new logging bill signed by Governor Perdue. Logging, poultry and farm trucks will be allowed to carry 4,000 more pounds than the current 80,000 pound limit.

"I don't think that they should carry anymore than what they're carrying now because the trucks look pretty loaded," says driver Carolyn McKown. But others see the positive perks of more poundage.

"That would be better because they could haul more loads and they could get more to the people," says former trucker Austin Arnold. Unfortunately, the people may be footing the bill. Because of the bill, many bridges across the state will have to be rebuilt to handle the extra weight and those extra pounds will cost taxpayers.

"As a taxpayer, I'd be against it. As a business owner, I think I'd have to be for it," says Taylor Bankston of the Balfour Poles Company. She straddles the line when it comes to the logging bill.

"We could bring in more and we could ship out more," says Bankston. That would be a big boost to their revenue but she's concerned about the public's pockets and their safety. Some still believe the more materials a truck carries the more danger.

"The bigger the situation or the accident could be and I'm always waiting for that stuff to fly off anyway," says Donohue.

So now because of extra weight, truckers and drivers will have to be extra cautious.

The Department of Transportation says the state would have to rebuild about 300 bridges that can't support the extra two tons.



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