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Killer fungus attacks trees, plants

Albany- The Georgia forestry commission has issued a statewide alert for a disease that attacks and kills oak trees, and there isn't a cure for it yet.

As many as 59,000 plants infected with Sudden Oak Death were shipped to the state last year. The disease infects dozens of ornamental plates like camellias and lilac. The plants then produce spores that are blown to nearby oak trees.

"It does resemble a lot of other native diseases and funguses that get on the leaves, but it's a real distinctive discoloration and it has a fine line around the edge of the discoloration on the leaves," says forester Bert Earley.

Foresters say trying to remove the plant could cause a spread of the fungus, so if you believe your plants or trees are infected take a sample of the leaves and stems in a sealed plastic bag to the nearest extension service for testing.


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