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Annexed students get to attend county schools

Valdosta - With the recent annexation of over 90 unincorporated islands in Valdosta, about 240 students didn't know where they were going to attend school next year.

The Valdosta Board of Education voted to allow students currently enrolled in the Lowndes County School System to remain there until they graduate. The Valdosta City Board of Education will also pay a one-time ad valorem tax of $62,500 to the Lowndes County Board of Education to help pay the cost of educating these students.

The one-time ad valorem tax is only eight percent of the funds needed to educate the 240 students, so Lowndes County School Superintendent Steve Smith is going to recommend that his board require "island students" to pay a tuition if they want to remain in the county's school system.

"We grandfather the students in, including their siblings, and we won't impose a tuition on these students this year," said Dr. Steve Smith, Superintendent of Lowndes County Schools.

If approved by the Lowndes Board of Education, the tuition would begin in 2007.

The board meeting is set for Tuesday.

Valdosta City School Superintendent Sam Allen was not available for comment today.


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