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Parents and sheriff concerned over new lollipop flavor

Americus- Most candy comes in flavors like cherry, orange, blue raspberry, and sour apple, but a hemp flavored lollipop is raising eyebrows and concerns.

"We're trying to do as much as we can now to find out so they will be educated about Kronic Kandy pops," said Major Joseph Monts, Sumter County Sheriff Office.

The Sumter County Sheriff's office says, they've taken calls from parents concerned about the lollipops so, they bought one from a store on North Lee Street.

"We brought it back and one of the agents tasted it and he did say that it has the taste and aroma of marijuana," said Monts.

The lollipops come in a plain wrapper, but in the store there's no doubt what flavor they are.

"With the product itself in the stores, they have the marijuana plants on the label, a marijuana leaf, and it also had on it that you have to be 18 years old to purchase it," said Monts.

They're concerned about what's in the candy and have contacted the crime lab, even though the company told WALB and the Sheriff's office the lollipops are approved by the FDA.

"He said on the label they have everything that's in it, but the labels are kind of, the one that I saw the other day, was a little bit off on the reading, so I've been really concerned about it," said Monts.

One local resident was skeptical. "If it were legal, then why can't children get it, you know what I'm saying, so to me I don't feel like its right about that candy," said Belinda Taylor of Americus.

The store that sells the candy says, they don't understand all the fuss.

"It's just a product that was on the market and decided that we'd try it and see how it sells," said Eugene Edge, store associate.

In a written statement, the store says they, comply with all Georgia regulations and wouldn't carry the product if it was illegal or associated with marijuana.

The CEO of the company that makes the lollipops says they get their taste from hemp oil. The company only markets the candy to adults which is why you have to be over 18 to buy them. They say the candy is actually geared towards people trying to quit a drug habit.


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