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TU raving about college savings plan

Thomasville- Thomas University is spreading the word about a new state-sponsored college savings plan. The "529 Plan" essentially guarantees parents that their child will go to college at a set price. If TU's new public service announcement wins a statewide contest, it will be the plan's outreach spot.

     The humorous public service announcement was tactfully designed to let parents know about a serious topic. Professors at Thomas University say the state sponsored investment guarantees children higher education without the higher bills inflation brings. "When they reach the age to go to college, they'll be enough money there to cover their expenses for their education," says TU professor Dr. Jenny Swearingen.

     Even the students who participated in the PSA realize the value of the plan's tax breaks and savings, for when they have young students of their own. "If you keep putting it off you're going to get caught behind the 8 ball so to speak and get left behind," says TU senior Parrish David. "It'll let people and parents know how important it is to just start taking initiatives," adds fellow senior Tina Becker.

     Professors say that with the growing cost of education, this is an opportunity for financial growth parents cant afford to pass up. "It's very very important for parents to put this on the front burner for their student," says Swearingen. Call it a hunger for education that the state fulfills.

     The plan starts in September, which also happens to be National College Savings Month.

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