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South Georgians pray for troops

Albany -- Despite the threat of rain, more than 200 people gathered in Downtown Albany to pray. They came to take part in the National Day of Prayer.

Veterans and active military spoke of the importance of praying for our troops overseas. With heads bowed, South Georgians asked God to bless the United States, and it's leaders. Young and old, men and women, black and white, held hands to pray.

The National Day of Prayer was established in 1775. Many said the nation needs it more than ever. Beverly Ward said "Our country is in such a muddle. The only way we are going to get through where we are now, to where the Lord wants us to be, is to talk to him everyday."

The National Day of Prayer is for all faiths. For the 12th year in a row in Albany, people came together to ask the Higher Power to guide national, state, and local officials in the way they govern.

"To be good stewards of what you have given to us." Rebecca Cone said "I believe it has a great impact on our country, considering the fact that that is what we are founded on."

Even though the country is deeply divided over the United States presence in Iraq, the veterans and military speakers say prayer for the troops is vital. LCDR Anthony Headrick said "I think they know that because we are praying that gives them the strength they need to face what they need to face."

As they returned to their jobs, many South Georgians said they felt this lunch hour would make a difference in the nation's future.

Postcards were handed out at Albany's National Day of Prayer, each with a different state or national government officials' name and address. Organizers asked that the people sign their card, and mail it, letting that leader know they had been remembered in prayer.

In Sumter County, South Georgians also lifted up their voices in prayer. The Sumter Area Ministerial Association sponsored the national day of prayer celebration in front of city hall.

About one hundred people attended the event.

"Penecostal, Methodist, Baptist we're under different denominations, but we're all serving the same God, and God is the one that unites us," says Rev. Norris Harris.

 The group said special prayers for community unity, teachers and schools, troops overseas and world peace.



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