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Warmer weather could mean more injuries

Albany- Health care professionals are beginning to treat more injuries as the weather warms up and more of us head outside for sports and recreation.

Warmer months bring more injured people to hospital emergency rooms.

Actually the most common problem E-R's start to see this time of year is severe sunburn. Doctors caution us to use plenty of sunscreen.

Sports injuries also send a lot of people to the emergency room.

"Everybody's involved in some type of sports, whether it's t-ball, baseball, softball, whatever. As to the child riding his bicycle down the street, they all need to be careful to falls, sprains, strain and things like that," said Karen Murphy, Palmyra Hospital Nurse Practitioner.

Other common ailments include, chest pain, lower back strains, and head injuries. Also, if you haven't had a tetanus shot in the last ten years, you may want to get one soon.

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