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Students face charges after explosion

Thomasville-- Two Thomasville High School students are facing charges for detonating a bomb on campus. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt, but if convicted, the seniors could be put away until they're middle-aged.

What started off as a school prank at Thomasville High has turned into anything but a laughing matter. Police say two students detonated a bomb on campus. "It was made out of a plastic bottle with some chemicals and aluminum foil," said Thomasville Police Sgt. Rachelle Denmark.

Michael Quinif and Sean Howard, both 18, have been charged with possessing and manufacturing a destructive device. Serious counts with serious penalties. "This is a felony in the state of Georgia and it carries from three to 20 years with a fine of anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000," Denmark said.

School officials stress that this wasn't the kind of bomb most people think of with an explosion and fire. There was no damage where it went off. "It's really designed to make a noise, and that's what it did," said THS Principal Dr. Tom McCall.

The aftershock being the arrest of two seniors school officials say never caused any trouble before. "They're not mean, they're well liked by the faculty, well liked by the students," said McCall.

It was a senior prank that turned into a felonious lesson that could haunt Howard and Quinif for the rest of their lives. "They had no idea they were going to be arrested for something like this," said McCall.

"We take this seriously, the school system takes this seriously. This is not a joke. The potential for harm and danger was there," said Denmark.

Fortunately, the only injury was minor ringing in school worker's ears. Quinif and Howard are also charged with simple assault for the ringing they caused to that worker's ears. He was treated at Archbold Hospital, and returned to work the same day.