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From renter to buyer; Oh, what a feeling!

Camilla- Carlissia Gaines is home for the first time. "Yes, my new house. Got it today," says Gaines.

She and her two kids are living in a home that belongs to her. She just received the keys. "Ooh, that was the moment I cried. When they handed my the keys I cried," says Gaines.

She cried because she is getting the chance to finally see a dream come true after renting for six years. Now her payments will go towards something she'll own.

The home was built with the help of a new program in Georgia. It's already opened doors for others. "This is the first home in Georgia under the Single Family Development Program," says Malisa Thompson of the Department of Community Affairs.

Under the program, the Department of Community Affairs helps the Camilla Housing Authority turn vacant lots into homes and offers down payment assistance to low-income families.

Mike Tabb of the Camilla Housing Authority says, "For South Georgia this is a tremendous, tremendous need, all the small counties in this area."

"We're very excited for her and couldn't feel any better. It's a very wonderful feeling," says the Authority's Barbara Hilliard.

It's the feeling of having a place to now call home and it's an indescribable feeling she's been waiting six years for.

"I really appreciate it, I really do," says Gaines.

They hope to make dreams come true for many other families. They hope to have at least 32 or more homes constructed under the program. The housing authority says not only does the program help people become homeowners, it helps the city and county by bringing in more property taxes.


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