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One last shot

Albany-- Deerfield senior Mary Hotz never seems to have a problem finding fellow senior Callie Hughey on the soccer field. "It helps because she has red hair and she sticks out on the field. But she's really easy to spot and easy to hit," Hotz said.

It also helps that Hotz and Hughey have been playing soccer together for the last fourteen years. "Soccer wise and just like friend wise we've always been together. Friends that's good playing with each other and also being really good friends it helps," Hughey said.

The last four years have been extremely productive for the dynamic duo, Hughey is Deerfield's all time leading scorer, while Hotz has the assist record. The one thing they haven't accomplished however is winning a state soccer title. Something that's within their grasp this week.

"We've succeeded in all the sports that we've done at Deerfield and it would kind of be like icing on the cake to finish out before we graduate with a state championship," Hughey added.

"It's almost like if we don't win it will be like all of our efforts have been for nothing. We just need something to show our accomplishments almost. Like something great to bring recognition to our school would be the best way possible to end it," Hotz explained.

Deerfield coach Andy Marsh knows just how much a state title would mean to his two senior leaders. "That would be the icing on the cake to their careers. They've had tremendous careers and it's been a pleasure to work with them over the past fourteen years," Marsh said.

And if the Lady Knights are able to claim the school's first ever state title in girls soccer this weekend, it won't be hard to spot either Callie Hughey or Mary Hotz. Chances are they'll be celebrating together.

Deerfield-Windsor will take on Westminster in the GISA Triple-A Final four at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday in Macon.

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