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Train derails North of Valdosta

Lowndes County - A little before 11 AM an eighty five car train loaded with soy beans derailed just north of Valdosta.

Fourteen of the cars jumped the track, took out several hundred feet of track and sent debris everywhere, causing extensive damage to the rail bed.

The train's conductor told the Lowndes County fire chief that he had been given a warning signal for 2 miles up the track.

"That usually tells him there is a problem with the track. But he didn't stop and shortly after that it started derailing," said Chief Jim Fielding of the Lowndes Country Fire Rescue.

"The cars were coming loose over there and they hit a big pine tree across the way and just splintered it and sent it twenty different directions," said Mike Herndon, a BellSouth employee working near the crash site.

A Norfolk Southern spokesperson said it might have been impossible to stop the train before the warning area. They are currently investigating the cause of the derailment and will be working throughout the night to restore rail service.

Luckily no one was hurt, and the train was not transporting any hazardous materials.


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