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Big Brother watches from intersection

Albany - An eye in the sky may be watching the next time you think you can get away with running a red light. Albany city commissioners tentatively approved buying a camera that takes pictures of cars that speed through red lights.

The first camera will go up at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Pine Avenue downtown. It takes a photo of the car as it goes through the red light and then a photo of the car's tag.

"We've, just even recently, had fatalities here in Dougherty County that are associated with red light running. We've got to get people to stop at red lights," said Michelle Demott, Safe Communities Now.

An owner of the car will be sent a $70 ticket in the mail. If someone else was driving their car, they would have to prove that to the court.

The camera cost about $200,000, and a state grant will reimburse the city for some of the cost.