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Grandmother says death was no suicide

Albany-- A man who was kicked out of the Army is now in jail charged with murdering his own mother. It's a case investigators initially thought was suicide.

Emma B. Fisher never believed her daughter Emma D. committed suicide last year. She was right.

Monday, Emma D's son, 22-year-old Dexter Fisher was arrested for her murder. "I know it's not going to bring her back, but it'll make me feel more better to know what happened," said the victim's mother.

Fisher had moved in with his mother after he was released from prison after being dishonorably discharged from the Army. Fisher shot himself in the leg while stationed in the Middle East, so he'd be sent home. "Well, he wasn't going to take care of her, he's too sorry for that. But he just come back to stay with her because she had a place to live."

Investigators believe his mother was getting ready to kick him out of her home. Even her family new Fisher was a threat. "And the doorbell rung. Emma-D said 'That's Dexter. I ain't going to let him in because he's gonna kill me.'"

Investigators believe he did kill his mother last November. District Attorney investigators helped find the evidence. "It's just forensic evidence and I can discuss the evidence. Obviously, we developed evidence that disputed his version of what occurred," said District Attorney Ken Hodges.

His version was that Emma D. shot herself that night. "I'm sure that Mr. Fisher will probably say that is his defense, but we think we have evidence to prove otherwise" said Hodges.

Evidence that could put an end to months of not knowing for the family of Emma Fisher. Investigators say Dexter Fisher used his mother's gun, a .32 caliber semi-automatic, to shoot her in the back of the head. They think he wanted to collect insurance money.


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