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New fire chief puts experience to use

Thomasville- New Thomasville fire chief, Bryan Croft, is fired up about his new job. "It's absolutely exciting," he says.

     The former Captain is just settling into his new role. But he says he's not wasting any of the taxpayers' time taking baby steps. "We have to be progressive and constantly get out there, learn new techniques, and do what we can for the citizens," says Croft.

     Croft is building on decades of experience as his foundation for adding on to an already professional department. He has completed more than 2500 hours of training, and holds certifications in 33 areas of fire fighting expertise. "If you get complacent or comfortable with your education, your skills are going to deteriorate. And if your skills deteriorate, then the customer service lacks, and that's just not an option," says Croft.

     Customer service is an integral part of fire fighting that Croft says he wants to improve for everyone in Thomasville. "They're not calling you because they're having a great day or you want to come have a piece of cake. They're calling you because they're having the worst of all days and we're there to help. So anything else we can do above and beyond our normal job will help them with their day," says Croft.

     That's a commitment from a dedicated fire chief to the community he serves. "I'm here for the long haul," says Croft.

     There are two spots open at the Thomasville Fire Department. One is for Croft's old job as Training Officer, and the other is for a Life Safety Educator.


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