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Burglar steals lottery games

Dougherty County -- A man breaks into a Dougherty County convenience store and is caught on tape. Surveillance video from Wednesday night about midnight at the County Line Grocery on Acree Avenue captured it all.

A man used a crowbar to pry out the entire window and burglar bars to break in. He goes straight to the lottery tickets and starts grabbing only the "Jumbo Bucks" lottery cards. He stuffs three hundred dollars worth of lottery cards in his pants, and then takes one pack of cigarettes and flees.

 Investigators think the man may be a construction worker. Dougherty County Police Lt. Jimmy Sexton said "Due to the way he is dressed. The knowledge that he appeared to have of how to pry the window frame out rather than trying to break the window and pull the bars out."

The man is wearing an LSU hat. He stole three hundred dollars worth of lottery tickets, but so far he has not tried to cash in any of the stolen cards.

 If you have any information about this burglar, please call the Dougherty County Police.

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