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Windy Hill holds Stock Dog Trials

Dawson- Four year old Border Collie dog Wolf is the second generation in a family of stock herders. "Old Wolf don't look like his daddy but he's a pretty good dog," says owner Kenneth Arrendale.

Wolf's father is a champion rough coat Border Collie but Wolf's the opposite. "They come in smooth coats, rough coats, medium and he's a smooth coat one," says Arrendale.

He's one that's finding his way towards stock herding glory. "I was disappointed in this dog yesterday. He kind of didn't listen to me and blew me off," says Arrendale.

Wolf is using this competition as proof that he has what it takes. "It's ultimately a team between man and animal I think," says Arrendale. To show the cattle who's in charge, it takes concentration to guide them where they need to go. This dog they call Wolf has it all under control.

"The adrenaline is pumping," says Arrendale, "see how he's bringing them right on in here, can't get much closer than that can you? Good boy, good boy." In this game of wins and losses, it's about the relationship between man and his best friend.

"To me, winning is not the most important. It's your dog working with you as a team, listening to you," says Arrendale. So today and everyday Wolf is a winner.

Winners from the Dog Trials earn points and compete in other competitions throughout the year.