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South Georgia Wildcats fans show support

Albany- Despite the puddles and the rain many fans stood in line getting last minute tickets, or what was left.

"Yeah, they're really sold out in many areas," said Darlene Crews.

Darlene Crews said it took a while to find three seats together in a good section. She was at the first game and enjoyed it so much her family decided to come again.

"I had a lot of fun, didn't understand it all, but I had a lot of fun," said Crews.

Tailgaters and devoted fans erected a small tent city with tarps and RV's to try and keep dry. Many were surprised at the turnout.

"I'm pleasantly surprised. I thought the weather would keep a lot of people from coming but as you can look about lots of people are here, they're all having fun and good food," said Mayor Willie Adams.

"When we came the first time we didn't tailgate, so this time we decided to tailgate, come heck or high water," said Gary Beard.

According to Gary, it's not the size of the grill, but the fun you make, rain or shine.

"We've got an awning, we stay dry," said Brett Grove.

Many like Grove brought his motor home. His family missed the first game.

"We heard all about it, wish we could have been there, but that's why we're here today," said Grove.

They pulled the boogie boards out of the RV so the kids could hang ten on the hillside. When it comes to tailgating in the rain, creativity is key.

"We came out here to support the Wildcats and to have a good time. It started raining so we put a little piece up, it rained more so, we put more up. If we run out of bungy cords and cars we're in trouble and I hope the wind doesn't blow," said Randy Bates.

Fans say win or loose, rain or shine, they'll continue their support.

"They might of lost a couple of games, three games, but we're showing our support by being here in the rain. We're with them and we want them to know the city loves them," said Gregory Drummer.

More than 6,800 fans were at the Wildcats second home game, just a little less than the home opener. 



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