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Christmas in April for some local homeowners

Albany- Catherine Clements has lived in her house on West First Avenue in Albany for almost fifteen years. "This house is older than I am," laughs Clements.

It's an old house weathered by many South Georgia storms. Clements is glad she just made it through. "I'm 79 now. I was 79 the 6th of April. I told God thank you because I made it," says Clements. She made it another day to see her old house become new right before her eyes.

Clements says, "Just sitting here looking, that's all. Sit here and look." She's looking at the transformation. It's like Christmas in April. "Yes, it sure is," laughs Clements.

Volunteers are putting down fresh paint inside and out and planting fresh flowers that will give Clements a constant reminder everytime she comes home. "I think she'll enjoy them. I think they'll grow up and be pretty and be a reminder that someone cares and it makes us feel good," says volunteer Jeanette Lamb.

A feeling that Clements has been waiting for, for a very long time. It's a dream come true. "Sure is. She told me they were going to come. She said we'll have them there. I thought alright," laughs Clements.

That laughter is the sound that makes the whole experience worthwhile for volunteers. "At the end of the day, when we get the hug of the neck from the homeowner, it makes you feel real good," says volunteer David Paul.

The fact that volunteers are turning this house into a home says Clements is, "just like Christmas, this house getting fixed. The Lord answered my prayers."

Miss Clements' prayers were for a new roof, new floors, and even a handicap ramp for her front porch. The Rebuilding Together organization along with volunteers helped to see her prayers come to light.

To qualify for rehabilitation, homeowners must be 62 years of age, be disabled, or a single parent and be on a low or fixed income.



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