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Fans will see changes at Wildcats game

Albany- It's out with the old and in with the new. When Wildcat fans return Saturday night they'll notice a few changes.

"We've doubled the entry points to all the concession areas, we've doubled the number of registers, we've got more employees on the staff," said Thomas Hale, Director of Operations, Albany Fund.

The Albany Fund has taken over the concessions and say people can expect faster service and more choices.

"We are totally revamping the concession stands, I'm sure as you've heard we're adding a gourmet section. It's just a major undertaking," said Leslie Mooney, Catering and Concessions manager.

"We've created a couple of gourmet stands where you can get great big hamburger, you can get the great big hot dogs, and you can say I want this, I want that," said Hale.

Much like Burger King fans will be able to get food their way.

"You can say, pour it on, give me the cheese, give me the onions, give me all that," said Hale.

"We've got hocking people going out to each and every stand delivering pretzels and drinks," said Kristina Clark, Concession manager.

There will also be more tailgaters. The Albany Fund will provide food for large groups tailgating and will be selling beer in the tailgate lots.

"650 people from Merck alone, so right now I'm trying to coordinate everything I can early for Merck," said Mooney.

The Albany fund says they hope to get people through the lines quickly and back to their seats.

"We want the food in the arena to be a positive thing. Concessions is like many things, people don't think about when it's good, but when it's bad people remember it," said Hale.

They believe team work makes dreams work and say they've got a great team both on the field and off.



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