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Darton president speculates on four year denial

Dr. Peter Sireno Dr. Peter Sireno

Albany- Darton President Dr. Peter Sireno says the decision to deny the school's request to offer several four year degrees is simple.

"Politically having a historically black institution in the community along with a two year college, it just is not appropriate from the Board of Regents perspective to have two colleges that would offer baccalaureate degrees," said Sireno.

After making several attempts to change the Board of Regents mind, he says the college will quit the fight.

"As far as I feel, at this point we do not have the opportunity to reapply," said Sireno.

The school's foundation says, they're not giving up so easily.

"As an employee of the chancellor as the Board of Regents he cannot pursue this. Let me make it emphatically clear that the foundation will pursue the sector change," said Ken Hodges, Darton College Foundation Board member.

Questions have arisen about when the college knew about the denial, and when they sent out thousands fund raising letters to alumni asking for donations for the student housing and change of sector campaigns.

"In those cases we'll notify them that the sector change request has been denied and we'll ask if they'd like to have their donations returned," said Sireno.

He says, Darton will continue to pursue housing and capital campaigns despite the four year denial.

"For Darton College to bring in students from multiple areas of the state and students from other states we need student housing," said Sireno.

The college's foundation plans to continue their fight for the sector change.

"We have employed the strategy that we are going to lobby the board of Regents and other things in order to influence this change," said Hodges.

An Albany State University spokesperson would not say whether ASU actively fought four year status for Darton. She would only say that decision is made by the Board of Regents.

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