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Georgia U.S. Attorney will work on Iraqi court system

Albany- With a show of hands, Iraq's Interim National Assembly approved a partial cabinet Thursday, ushering in the country's first elected government since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

It's just one level of democratic government Americans are helping the country develop. Now a Georgian will help them build their court system.

"I'm still learning what's in place there now," said U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, Max Wood. "I'm still learning a lot."

But soon, Georgia U.S. Attorney Max Wood will be doing some of the teaching. Wood will be the second U.S. Attorney to be sent to Iraq to do this job. He spend a total of year there.

"Training judges, training prosecutors, training court personnel, training law enforcement leaders," he said.

As U.S. service men and women work to keep peace in the country, Wood will be in Baghdad to help Iraqi's build a judicial system that revolves around people's rights.

"We take our court system for granted, flawed as it is, it's still the best system in the world."

But our system will not be their system.

"They'll be making their own decisions about how they want to form their own court system over there," he said.

A court system the citizens of Iraq can trust and depend on as much as Americans do.

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