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Mathis goes back to federal court

Albany--  City Commissioner Henry Mathis makes a return to a federal courtroom, accused of extorting money from two more Albany business people.

 It's been more than four months since Mathis was originally indicted for extortion.  Late last week, the grand jury sent down a superceding indictment with more extortion charges.

Just after 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, Henry Mathis and his court-appointed attorney Rick Collum entered another plea of not guilty on four counts. Those included now three counts of extortion, and one count of giving misleading statements to law enforcement officers.

"From the very beginning Mr. Mathis has contended that he was innocent of all these charges, and we can't wait for our day in court to prove his innocence," said attorney RIck Collum.

Mathis wasn't surprised by these charges. He knew they were coming. Mathis could face a maximum of up to 70 years in prison for the four counts. One of the people now accusing Mathis is Dora Wilson. She ran a waste management company in the city until she went to prison recently on federal drug charges.

Mathis' trial is expected to begin on June 6th.