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President Bush commends Grady students

Cairo- Members of Cairo High School's science club just returned from Washington, where President Bush honored them for grass-roots science projects.

It's unwavering precision and dedication that helped the students earn top honors from Mister Bush last week. "Amazing. I couldn't stop smiling," says former science club president Brandon Phillips.

Their's was a three-part project focusing on community outreach. "We focused on wildlife awareness and preservation, we did the recycling camp for young kids, trying to create stewards in the young generation to grow up and take care of the environment, and then the water quality project," says Phillips.

The students traveled to Washington, where they received the President's Environmental Youth Award from the Commander-in-Chief himself. "As volunteers, you've put your talents to good use. In Cairo, Georgia, you set up a science camp to promote recycling," praised President Bush.

The students were among only 30 of their peers nationwide who were honored at the White House. It's an honor that raises the bar for other high school students everywhere. "They know they have a responsibility to be citizens, not spectators, and that by serving a cause larger than themselves, communities grow stronger," says President Bush.

The opportunity to meet the President was also an opportunity to be inspired, for the students, and their teacher. "I felt like I hit the lottery, and I just knew these kids were going to be so excited," says biology teacher Jennifer Hand. "It's an undescribable feeling," says Vikram Jambulapati. "To see this guy on television, who is the most powerful man in the world, and I'm on stage with him, on the other side of the camera, shaking hands with him, was just phenomenal," adds Phillips. That's the reward for eager students who say their only mission was to improve their community.

The students say that one of the most overwhelming parts of their trip was the hectic pace. They had to go through several security checkpoints and meet deadlines to accommodate the President's schedule. But they say it was all well worth the effort.


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