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Lake Blackshear home wins national contest

Lake Blackshear- Frank and Mitzi Lott own a two-bedroom bungalow-style house on Lake Blackshear, a new home they say has a lived-in feel.

"I believe if you find a chair that you love or if you find anything that you love, you'll find a place for it in your house," says Mitzi. 

Sometimes it's a place you wouldn't even think of. Their televisions and even tubs are concealed.

"Behind here is the tub. You don't see that when you come in. You just see the doors," Mitzi explains.

The couple says their house has personality, something many new homes don't. They spent weeks just getting their new hardwood floors to look old and worn.

"And the best part about it is is that they don't show dirt a bit. You can just walk all over them and you can't hurt them," she laughs.

The Lott's spent more time completing their house than most homeowners. That's because Frank is the contractor that built it and Mitzi did all the interior design.

"We formed one company together, and it's absolutley wonderful. We really, really enjoy what we do," Mitzi says.

They enjoy it so much they decided to enter their work in the Better Homes and Gardens Best New Home contest. They say they'll never forget when the editor-in-chief called them with the good news.

"She had her whole staff there and they just started shouting you won, you won, and of course I was jumping up and down on one phone, and Frank was on the other one and I said this is fantastic," says Mitzi. 

"We totally enjoy what we do and I think that's a good thing for us because we spend a lot of time at it," says Frank.

It's time the couple says was well spent. They've created a home with a lake view from every room, a home that has character, and a home they completed together.

"We combine our skills a lot. What he sees in a detail I don't see and vice versa, but if you put both of them together you pretty much cover the whole spectrum," says Mitzi.

The couple won a $25,000 cash prize and a new Dodge Durango. The Lott's house was photographed in the May issue of the magazine and will also be featured in the August edition. They are hoping it will be on the cover of the issue.



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