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Grand Jury indicts ex-deputy

by Dave Miler

Leesburg- A Lee County Grand Jury has returned a four count indictment of the man who shot and killed 17-year-old Wesley Beaver on Valentines night.

Former Sheriff's Captain Donnie Spillers was charged with two felonies: tampering with evidence, and giving false statements to the GBI, and two misdemeanors: involuntary manslaughter and violation of oath of office.

The family of Wesley Beaver, who protested with signs outside the courthouse, had put considerable pressure on the District Attorney to bring murder charges against Spillers, but she said the circumstances of the case did not demonstrate malice aforethought, which is necessary to bring a murder charge.

Spillers was arrested and fired from his job as a Lee County Sheriff;s Deputy after the GBIS said he planted a large knife of his own in Wesley Beaver's truck, after he shot Beaver in the face after Beaver had stopped his truck just off U. S. 19 in Lee County.


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