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High school seniors face stressful decisions

Valdosta - Carmen Vincent is breathing a sigh of relief, now that she's been accepted to her first choice for college. "I'm going to ABAC to get my nursing degree because you can get it in two years there," said Vincent.

Waiting to hear if she was accepted was stressful, but the decision of what college to attend wasn't. ABAC offers the degree she's looking for, and the distance is a plus too.  "The distance is far enough away that you're independent but its close enough that when you need your Mama and Daddy, you can go home and see them," said Vincent.

For other seniors, the decision depends on financial aid and scholarship assistance. "I'm going to the University of Georgia in Athens, I received a full ride scholarship there," said Paul Ruddle.

Athletics can also be a factor.  "I'm going to VSU because I got a football scholarship," said Patrick Bradley.

And there's always the issue of staying near family and friends, or getting as far away from home as possible. "To get away, to be more independent and see if you can handle it," said Dana Hutchinson.

Lowndes High Counselor Dana Hutchinson helps the seniors decide which college is best for them. "A lot of times they're torn between the names of the schools and not necessarily what the schools offer," said Hutchinson.

They're interests and goals will lead them in different directions, but they all feel the same way.  "I'm very excited and ready to get out of high school," said Vincent.

And they're ready to start a new chapter in the book of life.

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