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Under inflated tires are too common on the roads

Albany -- Have you checked your tires lately? Experts say more than likely they are under inflated.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says more than one fourth of the vehicles on the road have at least one tire that's seriously under inflated. Low tire pressure is said to be a key factor in 660 deaths and 33 thousand injuries on the road each year.

 One South Georgia tire dealer says one third of the tires coming into their shop are under inflated. Ricky Hunt of Cleve Wester's Tire Mart said "It's very dangerous because it breaks down the sidewall of the tire, which will cause a blowout. Why people won't get them checked, we don't know."

Experts recommend you check your tire pressure once a week.

Starting in 2008, all new cars will have to be equipped with dashboard warning systems to tell drivers if they have a tire with low air pressure.

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