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Budget cuts force police layoffs

Poulan- The Poulan police has laid off one of it's officers. The department still has four officers plus Chief Gene Jones, and while the town tries to stay out the red that's the way it will stay.

Chief Jones says the town reviews it's budget about every two months. They haven't exceeded their budget yet, but Mayor Hubert Souter said they were getting close and had to look for ways to cut back. Officers say the cuts will not jeopardize the safety of the city.

"Unfortunately it was a cut that we had to make. Therefore it will benefit the ones that are here as far as the hours go, but we will patrol and everything will be covered," says Lt. Angie Schlosser.

Mayor Souter says the only unexpected expenditures the city has had this year was in the price of gas. City officials say they may also have to cut one position from their public works department.

City officials say the cut should save Poulan around $20,500 a year. They are hoping to be able to re-open the position in a few months.

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