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A day of thanks for Deion

Albany- Saturday was a very special day in Albany. "The weather's cooperating and large crowd, excited crowd," says Mayor Willie Adams.

They're all waiting to honor one special person. Mayor Willie Adams declared the excited day of April 23rd as Deion Branch Day and he says the hometown hero deserves a day in his honor. "Not only has he done well in his profession, he's a young man of character and he's a young man of such a good example for young kids of this community," says Adams.

Kids are especially anxious to get a glimpse of the football star. Marvin Oliver is a member of Monroe High School's marching band. He's playing his part to help lead Branch through the crowd of local fans. "I feel good today, very busy but giving back to the community," says Oliver.

Family, former coaches, and city leaders prepared fans for the arrival, building anticipation up until the last minute. He finally arrived to hundreds of waiting fans, the majority being local kids.

"It's something for the kids to see because maybe they look up to something like this here and figure alright if I continue to do something good, I might have a day like this," says Branch. A day like this gives Albany citizens the chance to say thank you to Branch but it gives him the chance to do the same in return.

"It's another day for me to give back my thanks and my appreciation to the fans for their support especially at home," says Branch. Support that he's still humble about receiving and still makes him smile.

"Another great day, another great feeling," says Branch. He thanks Albany for providing both.

On Monday, Branch will be inducted into the Albany Sports Hall of Fame.

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