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Davis is Carolina Bound

April 23, 2005

Shellman - Georgia safety Thomas Davis threw a big draft day party for everyone in his hometown of Shellman on Saturday.

And everyone in Shellman partying with the news that the Carolina Panthers took Thomas "Pokey" Davis with the 14th pick in the first round.

The smile on Thomas Davis' face was a giveaway that he had just been drafted by the Carolina Panthers. Though he made everyone, including his own mother wait to hear it on television.

When the news came across the three big screen televisions positioned in an athletic field located behind his home, the entire town began to celebrate.

Thomas Davis said "This is a great feeling. Just to go to a team like Carolina with the defensive players I feel like I can come in a contribute right away."

The mood was much different 15 minutes earlier when the New Orleans Saints traded up in the first round only to get Oklahoma tackle Jamaal Brown.

Most in Shellman were hoping the Saints made that deal to draft their beloved Pokey who would be teamed up with good friend and former Georgia teammates Charles Grant.

Instead, these two friends are now division rivals but the good news is Pokey will not be playing far from home.

Thomas' mother Victoria Davis said "Very exciting about that. Very excited. At least I am not far from where he will be."

Thomas' High school coach Jim McFather said "The whole experience sometimes you think will go to a kid's head. But I think he is still the same person. Still humble and he will get up there and work hard for the Carolina Panthers."

And now that he knows where he will be playing, Davis also knows he where he will be playing on defense.

Davis said "Carolina was a team that was definitely looking at me at safety but who knows maybe they can try to use me at both. We will find out."

And Thomas Davis will soon leave for Charlotte to begin his NFL career

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