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Parents learn at Kid's Expo

Albany- Whether it was a little artistic painting, or visor making, just having fun with some play dough, or having their faces painted thousands of kids and parents turned out for information concerning their kids.

"My main issue was to get the identification kits for the children, because only my oldest child is able to get his Military ID and the other children I wanted identification on them as well," said Julie Scott, mother of four.

Julie found a lot more, her husband's part of the 48-th Brigade in California, heading for Iraq.

"I'm a sole parent because of the deployment of my husband," said Scott.

Dr. Joyce Neal a Pediatrician with East Albany Medical center says it's important for both kids and parent to be involved in their health.

"We have a variety of information on child care and different illnesses common issues of asthma and school problems," said Neal.

"The attention deficit information, because I wanted to make sure. That may be an issue for some of my children because they like to talk in class," said Scott.

Julie's four kids came away with some goodies.

"A Clipboard, little packets of tissue you can carry around, lots of cups, things to do," said her son Devan as he pulled the items out of his bag.

Julie came away with information to help her parenting situation.

"I also found out about summer programs, because I wanted to get my children active because I want to occupy their time and their minds because daddy's not going to be here," said Scott.

For parents and kids facing day care situations it was also a chance to meet those involved and see some of the fun and exciting activities they do daily.

"That's really what's its all about, parents being involved with their child, educational placement and working with the providers," said Marsha Moore, Commissioner, Bright Start for Georgia.

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