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Adel police investigate drowning

Adel- An afternoon swim in a private pond in Adel ends in tragedy Friday. Neighbors say, they were startled by screams from several boys swimming in the pond along Alabama Street. The victim's brother ran to Donna Turner's home asking for help.

"The little boy, he said, my brother he's down there in that pond. I said, whereabouts, and Darren, my husband, said call the paramedics. I freaked, I started screaming and he finally said in the pond," said Donna Turner.

Police won't confirm the age or the gender of the victim, but Donna Turner says the child was a boy about 14-years old. The Cook County Sheriff's department, Adel police and fire, and the dive team all searched the pond. They found the body in the middle of the pond shortly after the dive team arrived.

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