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Rose Show bursting with beauty

Thomasville- The Rose Show is one of Thomasville's premier events, and it's in full swing now.

     People were a little worried when it started raining not once, but twice Friday. But with luck on their side, the sun shone through and the "Rose City" got its Rose Show off to a beautiful start.

     Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And as judges for Thomasville's 84th Rose Show say, they witness that first hand. "You're looking for the perfect rose. And surprisingly, sometimes you often see it," says judge Thomas Mullins.

     A trained eye, coupled with years of experience, to rank specimens that captivate with their colors. "I haven't been here 84 years, but 25 years or there about," laughs Mullins.

     There's not an ugly rose in the lot. Festival Chairwoman Sandra Hall says that's because this show is one of the most respected in the U.S. "In fact, this show last year won the state award for the garden club. So we really are right up there with all the big shows in the country," she says.

     The rose show marks the official start of the festival. But don't forget about it amid the dozens of other events around town. "The rose show really is the central portion of our rose festival," says Hall. "It has been hard work here this morning because there are very beautiful roses," adds Mullins. A flattering compliment to the Rose City, and the official flower of the United States.

     It was obviously hard for the judges to pick a winner in each category. The looks on some of their faces truly reflected an inner struggle. But in the end, they made some great choices.

     The Rose Parade is one of the main attractions Friday. It begins at 7:00 and you can watch it live right here on W-A-L-B.

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