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Parents say teacher assaulted their son

Douglas- Several photos were taken by Douglas police officers the day after Blake Davis' parents say his teacher assaulted him.

"It's cut where she hit him so hard. Here's another picture of my baby. She swoll his lip up," sobs his father James Davis. James and Chrystal Davis say the West Coffee Middle School teacher even confessed to hitting their son during a telephone conversation.

"She said 'I raised my voice and told him to shut up, and he still wouldn't shut up.' She said, so 'I popped him in his mouth.' She said, 'I told him to sit down, and he wouldn't sit down, and I shoved him over the desk.' She said, 'and busted his lip.' She said, 'I'm going to be honest with you, I busted his lip'," James Davis says.

The couple filed an incident report and tried to press charges for assault and battery, but they say attempts to get three separate Coffee County judges to sign the warrant have been unsuccessful.

"He's 13 years old, and nobody wants to do anything about it. Our law is telling us it's okay for a child to be struck by a teacher, bloody his lip," says Davis.

"When that allegation is made, we treat it as an important part of that child's educational process," says school superintendent Billy Smith. "We consider all of these sorts of allegations very important, and we're following strict protocol."

Smith would not release the name of the teacher but says she's been with the system for 12 years and never had any complaints filed against her.

"This teacher in question is a master degree, veteran teacher certified in behavior disorder. She has 10 kids with a full-time assistant. She's been an exemplary teacher," Smith says.

James Davis says Blake has attention deficit disorder and may not be the easiest student to teach, but it doesn't justify getting hit by a teacher. Unfortunately this isn't the first time the 13 year old has had a negative school experience.

"Two years ago my son was left on a school bus asleep," says Davis.

In February 2003, Blake was left alone on a Coffee County school bus after the driver parked it and went on a break.

"She come up here to park the bus and didn't bother to look and see if the bus was empty or not, and he woke up a couple of hours later here in this parking lot," explained Davis in an interview with WALB-TV two years ago.

The then ten-year-old began walking to his father's job and on the way was chased by Michael Watts. With the second incident in as many years, the Davis' say they've lost faith in the school system.

"We're disappointed with the school system. Yes ma'am we are," says Davis.

School officials say they began their investigation the same day they learned about the claims and will take any and all necessary steps to ensure the safety of their children.

Superintendent Billy Smith says the teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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