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All blue lights in Georgia cars will be illegal

Albany -- If you have a neon light kit in your car or truck, make sure it does not have a blue light. Starting July First it will be illegal to have any blue color light in or on your car.

Currently the law says no flashing or revolving blue lights. But in July all stationary lights, like the undercarriage neon lights, will be illegal if they are blue in color.

Xtreme Audio owner James Taylor says the light kits are popular in Southwest Georgia, but will not be hard to adapt. "They do need to be swapped out to an auxiliary color besides the reds or the blues. There are a lot of colors out there, you got yellows, greens, any color you want."

 Albany Police say they will enforce the anti-blue light law. You could face a one thousand dollar fine, or a year in jail if convicted of having one of these blue lights.

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