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Statistics prove people should buckle up

Albany- When Susan Reed swerved to hit a deer Thursday morning on Gillionville Road, her SUV rolled and landed on the roof.

"And I had my seat belt on, so I was real lucky. I was just trying to figure out how to get out of the car after it quit rolling," Reed said.

Because of her seat belt, she was alive to crawl out. Last year, almost 43,000 people died driving on our nation's highways. Maybe that's just the price we pay for being behind the wheel.

"We see that as unacceptable," said Michele DeMott. "We lose nearly 300 people per day in this country."

More than half of the people who died last year, were not wearing a seatbelt.

"Traffic safety fatalities are preventable, they're predictable," DeMott said.

In Albany, you can predict where wrecks will happen. Like this one on Gillionville Road last week and the number one wreck location in the city at Nottingham and Westover Boulevard, where more than 26,000 vehicles travel each day.

"That's over a quarter of the population of Dougherty County driving through that intersection once a day," DeMott said.

The seat belt can't always be the hero. The woman who was wearing her seatbelt died in this wreck on Gillionville last week. She was hit at a right angle, the most deadly type of wreck. But it's still better to click it, than risk it.

"So if we could get folks to buckle up and to buckle up their children properly," she said.

Then their chance of surviving increases by more than 50 percent.

"I had my seat belt on and I had a good vehicle," said Reed.

But it was her good sense to buckle up that saved her life.

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