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Warm weather brings unwelcome pests

Valdosta - Patrick Davis is burying a box of termiticide, to ensure that this home is protected from termites. It's a task that keeps him extremely busy these days, as termites are growing more and more active in South Georgia. "We're in the height of our season, this is kind of our Christmas season, you could say," said Davis.

They're active year round, but the beginning of spring is often referred to as termites' swarm season. "When the colony becomes overcrowded and the termites swarm out in search of forming new colonies," said Carl Slocumb, Exterminator.

And they can invade your home before you know it. "Termites, in terms of dollars and damage do more in damage in the U.S. than fires," said Slocumb.

But there are some things you can do to shield your home from the pests. First and foremost, get routine inspections. "At the very least, have your home checked once a year," said Slocumb.

Another way to protect your home from termites is to make sure none of your faucets are leaking. The water can drip down into the ground and wash away the termiticide. Also, termites thrive in a moist environment. "Termites do prefer to live in dampness," said Slocumb.

And if you have mulch around your home, make sure its at least six inches from the siding. "This mulch is conducive to termite activity and provides great cover for termites to come up between the ground and the siding undetected," said Slocumb.

A few helpful hints to make sure your home stands strong during prime termite time.

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