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Southwest Georgia farmers working long hours planting

Lee County -- It's planting time in South Georgia. Farmers are optimistic as they put their crops into the ground.

Greg Odom says he is very happy. "Planting and harvest season are probably the two most exciting times of the year for us."

Odom is planting two thousand acres of cotton at his Gray Hollow Farm in Lee County. Like all farmers he watches the weather. "Last week it was wet and muddy, everything. This week it is dry and as you can see, dusty and hard."

Agriculture is Southwest Georgia's number one industry. Odom knows area farmers will grow a good crop, but worries if they can make a profit. Odom said "Fuel is probably at an all time high, gas and diesel. Our technology fees on our cotton and everything is doubled this year. Steel prices is up."

Odom is already running his irrigation machinery, despite the fact that he has areas of standing water from storms two weeks ago. For farmers, planting time means working overtime. Odom said "We work anywhere from 11 to 12 hours a day, six days a week. Sometimes on Sunday checking pivots and things like that."

But Odom says farming is in his blood, and planting crops is what he wants to do. "That's all we've ever done, and we love it. We have to love it to do it."

Odom is rushing to finish planting his cotton, so he can start to plant peanuts the first week of May. Another busy growing season for South Georgia farmers is underway.

Greg Odom says he and his partner will plant close to 150 acres of cotton a day in the next weeks.

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