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SAT dropped for two-year schools

Albany- Darton College has the number one golf team and the number one golfer in the country. The Cavaliers have the number two baseball team in the state. These students are good for a school's reputation.

"So all of that feeds into enrollment," said Terri Carrol, Darton's Director of Admissions.

Darton has been growing. Enrollment is up more than 14 percent this spring over last spring semester. Now the Board of Regents hopes telling students they don't have to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test will convince more students to make their way to the classroom.

"Because there are students out there who are very, very smart, but maybe because of a test, they can't get into a certain college they want to get to," said Juberto Francisco, a freshman at Darton.

"There's a lot of test anxiety about the SAT, so it may ease the way for certain students, although I don't think it actually prevented a lot of students from coming to Darton," Carroll said.

Wisconsin is now the only state that requires a standardized test for admission to a two-year college.

Some students may still want to take the test because certain scores will exempt them from mandatory placement tests. Before students can transfer to a research university like the University of Georgia or the Georgia Institute of Technology, they must complete at least 30 transferrable hours at the two-year college.

If not, they will still have to take the dreaded SAT.

Regardless of how students do on the test, schools like Darton prepare them to go on to universities. The students say they know that to be true.

"It's hard to get one on one help from teachers," said Todd Schuler, a sophomore at Darton. "And you get that from the teachers out here at Darton."

With or without the SAT, Darton is growing from the student center to the baseball field.

"Students see we're growing, so they want to be a part of that, so we grow even more quickly," Carroll said.

So they can start working to get ahead in the college game.

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