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"Young at Heart" choir in Thomasville

Thomasville- Dubbed "Young at Heart," a unique choir group in Thomasville is made up of seniors who sing at nursing homes around town.

     What's in a name? Just ask the choir's president. Lell Young says it sums them up perfectly. "The youngest one in the choir is at least 65. And the oldest one is in her 90's." The choir visits 3 nursing homes monthly in Thomasville, passing on their "young at heart" state of mind to people who need a little boost in an otherwise monotonous day. "If we keep ourselves thinking that we're young at heart, we're not feeling old. Because as long as we're young at heart, we can go on," says Young.

     That's a feel good way of thinking that brings everyone in these nursing homes back to days gone by, their youth. "We get all hopped up. We were going to do the twist," says nursing home resident Jewel Barwick. "They're real good aren't they," adds fellow resident Frank White.

     The choir does so much more than just sing. They help spark memories in people whose mind may be a little fuzzy nowadays, a point proven when they sing along. "We know that they can comprehend something even though they may appear that they haven't heard what we're doing. Something about, especially the old familiar hymns they grew up with. That's when they join in. That's a lift in spirits for both the choir and their audience.

     The "Young at Heart" choir has been around for about 20 years now, and has 30 members. The first section of their program is usually gospel songs and hymns. Members say that usually inspires their audience.

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