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Woman says gang members attacked her

Albany - Police say the group is a spin off of the CME Rattlers. They're called the West side Gang.

The confrontation all started when a group of teenage boys and girls confronted a 15-year old girl as she was walking home, so the girl asked her grandmother to talk to their parents, but that talk turned into a terrifying experience.

"You're children need to be locked up, if they are out of control like this. The next person they mess with, they going to kill 'em," says Daphne Hightower. Her mother was attacked just for trying to protect her granddaughter. She went a house on West Lincoln Avenue to confront the parents of another teenage girl.

"I want to talk to the parents. That's what I said first," says Willie Lee Dorsey, "By that time, they just went to hitting, hitting the truck, hitting my brother, hitting my granddaughter." But 55-year old Dorsey took the brunt of the beating. She now has 12 stitches on her ear, six on her forehead, and has a broken toe. She says, "I couldn't see, young lady, there was so much blood down on my face."

The gang members tried to get to her granddaughter who was inside this Tahoe. They smashed the windshield and side window, jumped on the roof. All while a three-month old baby was inside.

"I've been here 11 years, going on 12, I have never since I've been here, seen anything like the scene that I saw," says Sergeant Kendra Wilson. She says, it's her goal to never see anything like it again. "We are not going to accept it," says Wilson. "It is unacceptable. We are coming out on the streets, you never know when we are coming, and believe me, we are going to get everybody."

That's news Willie Lee is glad to hear. She says, "I just want the ones that did this to me, to be off the street, 'cause that wasn't called for."

Sgt. Wilson says, "We just got to take our streets back, and that's the bottom line, and we're going to do it."

Twelve people have been arrested, 7 juveniles and 5 adults, including the person who owns the home where the attack took place. And police say they'll arrest parents who allow their children to participate in other gang-related activities.

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