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Cox announces candidacy

Bainbridge-- One of Cathy Cox's primary objectives as Georgia's next governor is to increase economic opportunity through-out Georgia, and that excites people in her home town of Bainbridge. "It would be nice to offer our employees benefits, but right now, it's just not anything you can think about," said Dayspa Owner Amy Eakin. "Money-wise, it's not affordable."

Other small business owners are hoping that Cox would create tax breaks for them. A Monetary break that would offer them a competitive advantage. "Competition with these bigger companies, it's hard for us to sustain a living, and then we have the Internet to fight with, where a lot of places don't even charge sales tax and stuff, where we do," said Allen's Sports Inc.'s LeMon "Buck" Allen.

Another Cox item is education. Student Christy Ward would like more community colleges expanded to four year programs. "It's hard when you have a family to travel, where you're trying to work, too," she says.

Educators like Superintendent Ralph Jones say there's only one way to improve education on the home front: appeal to the hometown candidate. "Give us the funds, give us the support, and let us get out of the box a little bit, and try some new things to get kids ready for the global marketplace."

Education and economy, two things that financial experts say go hand-in-hand for potential employers. "To increase the education base is to make the workers more attractive to industry that may come into the area," said John W. McBroom of Edward Jones Investments.

Industry to attract more people, who Cox says would help her put a new face on Georgia. People in Bainbridge are putting a great deal of stock in their hometown girl, and if Tuesday's turnout is any indication, Cathy Cox has broad support in South Georgia.

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