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Man arrested after police standoff

Albany -- An Albany man is arrested after slipping away from an overnight standoff, where Albany Police surrounded his home.

Investigators say Ronald Layne fired gunshots on Madison Avenue around 9:00 Monday night. No one was hurt by the shots, but the Police were called.

Layne stood on the porch and shouted at the nearly two dozen officers surrounding his home, but police decided to wait rather than go into the house to take him.

Lt. Tracey Barnes said, "Knowing that he possibly has firearms and some medical issues, having to do with a cannister of oxygen in there. We wanted to avoid any kind of incident that could lead to a possible explosion."

In the early morning Layne slipped away from the house. Police arrested him without incident when he returned home about 11:30 A.M.

Layne is charged with discharging a firearm.


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