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Commissioner Henry Mathis criticizes city policy

Albany - Indicted Albany commissioner Henry Mathis criticized city leaders for overpaying a consultant thousand of dollars without any recourse, because another man was arrested for cashing a check accidentally sent to him from the City.

The finance department overpaid The Perkins Group insurance consultants by $11,000. During Tuesday's work session, Mathis said it's not fair that the consultant was paid, but the city pressed charges on a man by the name of Nathaniel Davis when he mistakenly received a paycheck in the mail intended for the city attorney and chased in the check. The city attorney's name is Nathan Davis.

Mathis bailed Nathaniel Davis out of jail. "Nathan Davis is a friend of mine. 50 years we've been friends, his family and mine. Our relationship and what he did there has nothing to do with the problem. The fact is there is a problem when the city arbitrarily sends out taxpayers money. So we need to put in place a policy that will address that," said Mathis.

Mathis is currently awaiting federal trial for extortion. Authorities are investigating five incidents where Mathis posted bond for people, including Nathaniel Davis. Davis case is pending.

As for the consultant who was overpaid, the city attorney and city manager are looking into the situation.

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