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City won't return Mediacom gift

Albany - City commissioners voted not to give back money donated by Mediacom to buy laptop computers for city commissioners. Commissioners voted four to three to keep $15,000 given by Mediacom to reimburse the city for the laptops.

After controversy over whether the gift was ethical, the cable company asked the city to return the money so they could donate it to charity. The Mayor voted not to give back the money and said the city attorney ruled the donation didn't violate the city's ethics rules.

"He seemed to think that once a gift was given, it's not retractable. What we will probably end up doing is donating this money to Chehaw Park or some other charitable entity," said Dr. Willie Adams, Mayor.

The Mayor and commissioners Arthur Williams and Tommy Postell are still using the computers, but other commissioners either gave back or never accepted the computers.

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