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Victim's son calls for Police to find hit and run killer

Albany -- The family of an Albany woman, killed by a hit and run driver in December, still needs your help to find the person who ran her down. Ginny Crisler's family says the Albany Police Department isn't doing enough to find her killer.

Ginny Crisler's grave at Crown Hill Cemetery is peaceful, but her sons are in turmoil. Geoffrey Crisler said "There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about my Mom."

Crisler was killed by a hit and run driver at Hunter Mill's Shopping center in Northwest Albany December 14th. Witnesses say it was a car like this, an 80 or early 90 white Chevrolet Lumina style car, with gold stripes on the side that hit the mother of three, and then sped off.

 Four months later no arrests have been made. Geoffrey Crisler said "If this is happening to us, is it happening to other people? Is everybody getting a fair shot at having some chance of that person being brought to justice?"

Her son Geoffrey says the Albany Police have them frustrated. Crisler said "We've been told that people were going to stay in touch with us, and keep us up to date. Nobody's called."

Honoring their Mother at last week's Victim's Candlelight service, the Crisler's found out that a tip call to the Police Traffic Department voice mail was not returned. Crisler said "On that voice mail, there is an emergency number you can call. That was called twice, and nobody returned the call."

Investigators say they have followed all the leads, but so far have come up empty. Lt. Tracey Barnes said "This still remains a priority for the Albany Police Department, and the Traffic Unit, wanting to get it solved."

 But Geoffrey Crisler worries his mother's case is forgotten. Crisler said "We expect some determination and some follow-up. We expect something to be done."

An angel sits on Ginny Crisler's grave marker. Her family prays that someone will call Police and tell who killed their Mother...but say that will not bring closure. Crisler said "Somebody may not be found, and if somebody is found, it's not going to bring my Mom back. "

The Crisler family is not giving up hope their Mother's killer will be found, and demand that Albany Police not give up either.

There is a five thousand dollar reward offered by Ginny Crisler's friends, for information leading to the arrest of the hit and run driver that killed her.

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