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Spring flowers blooming off the shelf

Albany- The flowers are blooming and people were buzzing through Lowe's Garden Center trying to get the supplies they need to create the perfect landscape.

"We usually come this time every year and get things for the front and the back," said Dorothy Carver.

Some people know exactly what they're looking for.

"I have some green ferns, some roses, and some blooming plants that will take sun. My front gets a lot of bright sunlight during the day, so I want something that will take the sun," said Carver.

"I like gardenias, that was the main thing I came for today and the rest, just to add some color," said Sandy Stuart.

Others were just browsing.

"I'm just looking around to see if anything catches my eye, different, that I don't already have in my garden," said Deana Daniel.

For some this is a first.

"We just built a house so, I'm just getting started," said Stuart.

While others have been working on their gardens for some time.

"I got roses because I love them, but we haven't had much luck, so we're going to try them again this year," said Carver.

It's time to wake up those sleeping flowers.

"It's time to get your bulbs up. If you have any day lilies, it's time to remove them up, get them up, and split them up, and put them in different spots," said Daniel.

You should also cut back the ones that have already bloomed.

"If your azaleas have already bloomed, its time cut them down so they will re-bloom next year in a beautiful way," said Daniel.

If you look hard enough you can find the perfect plant for any situation.

"I'm looking for another Lady Bank Rose. That is a thornless rose bush, especially if you have children. They do not have thorns on them, you can put them around the pool, you can put them anywhere and they grow huge, yellow, beautiful yellow flowers," said Daniel.

The experts say, hanging baskets and knockout Roses are the biggest sellers right now along with anything that does well in the sun like Lantanna or Kimberly Queen ferns.

They also say, you should know the conditions in your yard, whether it's sunny or shady, and make plans before you plant. You should buy plants that are appropriate for your yard's conditions.

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