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Friday standoff leaves neighbors homeless

Albany- Explosions and flames ended what was a ten hour standoff Friday between police and Reginald Collier. It's a new day, but several people like Solomon Jones and others who lived in the same apartment building are now homeless.

"I had no idea this happened until I got off work at Phoebe and I was riding home and I saw the traffic buildup on West Gordon," said Jones.

Solomon lived across from Collier and, for now, is calling the Knight's Inn home.

"My door was broken off the hinges and the glass on the side of my door was just broken I guess from the explosion and glass and wear and tear on the carpet," said Jones as he talked about the damages.

The apartment is now boarded up, but residents were allowed in for a short time Saturday morning. "I was able to get some clothes, some clothing that wasn't smoke filled," said Jones. Since they don't know when they can return it was difficult. "You know, not knowing, and all of your possessions, it's just hard to move stuff out in a couple of hours," complained Jones.

The apartments received mostly smoke damage that can be cleaned up, but residents say it was more than that.

"They cut the power off, so that means the stuff in our refrigerator, that's the end of that," said Jones.

Jones says, he's thankful for the help the Red Cross has offered, two night in the hotel, but they're still uncertain about their future past Saturday.

"They gave us a stay here for two nights, and this is the last night, so after this I really don't know, we'll have to check back with the Red Cross," said Jones.

The site manager at Windover says the police are still investigating what exactly started the fire inside the building. A building inspector will visit next week to determine if the building is safe, then the clean up can begin which is expected to take several weeks.

Reginald Collier was released from Phoebe. He is being held at an undisclosed location on an arrest warrant for terroristic threats.

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