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Relay for Life fundraiser in Bainbridge

Bainbridge- Volunteers at Bainbridge College are standing on top of a 15 foot scaffold to help raise money for the "Relay for Life" walk. They spend one-minute on it for every dollar they raise for cancer research.

     Some people might simply call it a scaffold. But others call the 15 foot patio a monument to cancer research camaraderie. Doris Carmichael is one of the volunteers who is spending a minute up high for every dollar she raises. And she's no stranger to the hardships of cancer. "My daughter, during her first pregnancy, was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Liz Chastain, who I've worked with for many, many years died two weeks ago," says Carmichael.

     Of course organizers' top priority was to raise money at this event. But it's not just about that. They say it's mostly about education. "We just want to promote awareness, bring cancer research into the forefront," says organizer Carly Womack.

     Organizers also wanted to use this event to take the proactive approach to building healthier lives. So they recruited some very fitting students to help them. "Our LPN students have come out and they're checking for blood pressure, listening to your heart, just giving you a little physical to let you know how you are, because this is a health related event," says Womack.

     "Early detection can make a big difference in a year, two years, or even the cure," says Carmichael. That's a fact she says is proven by her daughter, who's now in remission. "My daughter is fine, doing great." Case in point about the necessity for volunteers like her.

     The "Relay for Life" walk will be held on April 22 at the Bainbridge High School track. Organizers say everyone is welcome, and that the event will be happening all night long.

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